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11.04.2013 - we have kittens for sale - kittens from 3 litters. There are last mating of our large boy ZAc-ha-ree Silvi-Cola . Contact about kittens by email or Facebook.

15.02.2014 - we have great kittens for sale as a pet and show breeding class

15.10.2012 - welcome to our house new beautiful girl . Her name is Harmonia Akord

   17.10.2008 new photos our kittens  . We have kittens for sale yet..

Sigyn at 6 months old :

   17.09.2008 We have kittens for sale :-)) New photos of our kittens

New photos of our girl - Sigyn at 5 months old :


   07.09.2008  Very good results on show in Wrocław :

Tango :

Best in Variety

Xenon :

Best in Variety

Nomination to BIS

Sigyn :

Best in Variety

  12.08.2008  new photos of I and J litter

  22.07.2008 Congratulations to our Zeta :-) Thanks Erawaty for showing her :

 12.07.2008 our Hermione is neuter :-( . After a long time infection of uterus we must to sterelised her

new website : youngsters and neuters

new photos of I-litter

  02.07.2008 new photos of H and I litter

  17.06.2008  we have kittens for sale :-)

08.06.2008  our dog Akita Inu -  Haru z Doliny Wiązów finished 6 months old :

 28.05.2008 updated " About us " . You can see many photos of our house , tarace and voliere.

new photos at "Gallery"

22.05.2008  Umeko gave 3 very big strong kittens. Father is our big red Zac- Ha- ree

  17.05.2008 new photos our beautiful queen Evita Bonita


17.05.2008 we have big , beautiful kittens for sale yet :-)

 02.04.2008 Forest Ann gave her first babies :

20.02.2008 new photos our very big male with very strong muzzle male Zac- ha -ree Silvi-Cola at 9 months old ( son of Never )



24.01.2008  our new member of our family arrived from cattery in Cracov .

              It is female dog - Akita Inu - Haru z Doliny Wiązów*PL.

     She has 8 weeks old , weights 7 kg  and she is very sweet and beautiful.

  More about this race you can read : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akita_Inu

     Her first photos at our house :



 13.01.2008  Show news from Nederlands  - Ziggy Silvi-Cola  EX1 from 3 males, BIV and Nominated                                                      

13.01.2008 - our Zeta Jones Silvi-Cola was on her first show in Singapore :

   was 2nd Best Kitten in ring 1 and 7th Best Kitten in ring 2

           Many thanks dear Erawaty for showing her:-)


13.01.2008  new photos in gallery of our beautiful blue Kenzo !!!!!!!!

12.01.2008  new photos of our kittens !!!!!!!!!!!!!

02.01.2008  Kalaquendi Silvi-Cola gave babies with Kenzo !!!!

17.12.2007 Amidala gave babies

16.12.2007  our new baby arrived . First photos

14.12.2007  Our dog was missing - Great Swiss Mointain Dog OLo Swissy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! . Very big prize for finding him.

09.12.2007  new photos  kittens of Amunda & Never

29.11.2007  Umeko gave kittens with our Kenzo . Photos :-)

11.11.2007  we have 7 beautiful red kittens ; parents : Amunda Dream Ola

& Never Ending

03.07.2007  Our big black boy EP .Gollum Silvi-Cola  is

            The Best Neuter 2006 in Poland


    Many thanks Agnieszka i Piotr Sawiccy for showing him :-)


on photo :

        Our big friend of all family  -8 months old 50 kg

              Great Mountain Dog -  Olo Swissy

28.01.2007  nowości z wystaw :

Milo Metea Silvi-Cola*Pl  got in Odessa on show:

                      EX 1 , BIV , Nom BIS


GIP.Gollum Silvi-Cola*PL

BOB Neuter cat.2

24- 25.02.2007

Vienna Schwechtat


GIP.Gollum Silvi-Cola - 2 years old

BOB Neuter MCO Special Show


 in Opole



BOB Neuter cat.2

03.03.2007 Opole



My dear Eros

you are not there any more where you were,
but you are everywhere where we are If you search me,
looks in your heart When you find me there, live on I in you.

5.11.2004 -  20.11.2006

Good bye and see you again .......

I cant say nothing more .

You broken my heart and I can only cry and miss for you now .

No words can descripe my pain .

I will always love you Eros



Last show weekend :

Gollum Silvi-Cola*PL

Best of the Best Castriert cat.2

show at Poznań 26.11.2006


Ocean Silvi-Cola*PL


show at Kaliningrad 26.11.2006


Ofelia Silvi-Cola*PL

EX1, BIV total

show at Denmark 25.11.2006


Gwindor ,   Punch ,  Mora ,  Gollum   Silvi-Cola*PL

Many thanks Cattery Ricusiowo*PL for take care of this cats :-)

22.11.2006 12 months old Kalakirya Silvi-Cola*PL

22.11.2006 16 months old Innuendo Silvi-Cola*PL


19.11.2006 - photos from autumn walking with our Olo ( 3 months old)



28-29.10.2006 We spent very nice weekend on World Cat Show in Maastricht Nederlands.

Our Hermione got CACE :-)

21-22.10.2006 - Show Cat in Opava - Czech Republic

Kalaquendi Silvi-Cola*PL got CAC and become Champion !

Escape's Hermione got CACE

Dream Ola Amunda got EX1 , BIV total and Nom BIS

20.10.2006 lived with us a new friend Great Swiss Mountain Dog-Olek

Swissy.He has only 8 weeks old but he weights 12 kg. His the best friend are ...........kittens and kitty :-))

here is first his photo :

20.10.2006 Penelope Silvi-Cola*PL

tested for genotype N/N for HCM
with negative results :-))!!!


18.10.2006 new photos of kittens

first photos of our a new red girl :-))

15.10.2006  result show in Warsaw :

Kalaquendi Silvi-Cola*PL got EX1 ( from 3 cats) , 2 X CAC and Nom Bis !!!

GIP.Gollum Silvi-Cola*PL

(19 months old)

Best of the Best Castriert

in both days

Mora Moon Silvi-Cola*PL


07.10.2006 new photos of Q and R litter

show news :

Milo Metea Silvi-Cola*PL

EX1 , BIV & Nom Bis

30.09-01.10.Bucharest - Romania

30.09.2006 first photos of S and T litter

 26.09.2006 new photos of Q and R litter , kittens for sale :-))

 07.09.2006 Amidala gave a birth kittens.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Updated : photos of kittens litter O and P

 05.09.2006 Gollum Silvi-Cola*PL ( son of Chickabee and Never )- 17 months   old  on last show in Wrocław got

Best of the Best Castriert & Best in Variety

He got the 7th times  Best of the Best Castriert cat.2



31.08.2006 updates our HP : males, females, kittens , plans , about us  28.08.2006 Chickabbe gave a birth to 7 kittens.Father is our Abraxas.

. All kittens have extremaly chin as Abraxas.

   16.08.2006 new photos of O and P litter

   09.08.2006 our cats on holidays :

our dog and cats on tarrace of our house :

06.08.2006 new photos of our cats : Never, Abraxas, Gaige and Kalaquendi

29.07.2006 new photos of son Gaige's and Never's at 7 months old La Fuente de Esteban.

Photos of Esteban :

28.07.2006 New photos of kittens :-)) litters M, O , P

19.06.2006 Amarie born babies :-))) WE are soooo happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

16.06.2006 Arquette born babies :-)))

We are very happy of our kittys !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10.06.2006 - a new photos of kittens at 3 weeks old

07.06.2006 a new tests our cats :

           Never tested on HCM< PKD < Hd negative !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

           Chcickabee tested on HCM< PKD < Hd negative !!!!!!!!!!!!!

           Fiona Silvi-Cola*pl  A/D test- NN

05.06.2006 - son of Chickabee and  Never - Gollum Silvi-Cola*PL

become Best of The Best Castriert ( the fourth time in his life, he has 14 months old )

He got titel Inter Premior .

Gwindor become titel Inter Premior too.

07.05.2006 show in Havirov - Czech Republic -

 Kenzo become CHAMPION

CP.Gollum Silvi-Cola Best of the Best Neuter - the third time in his life ( 13 months old)

         photo : Kenzo and Gollum on shoow in Havirov- Czech Republic


25.04.2006 our plans about kittens :-))

Now we expect kittens around the 11May 2006.

14.04.2006 I spent a very nice and friendfull weekend at my friend Katharina  in Germany ( cattery Justcoon)

             Show in Bregenz Austria

             Kenzo 2x CAC, Ex1, BIV

photo : Alps in Bregenz



results of examines :

Iriador Silvi-Cola*PL

8 months old

Owner: Isabelle Beck, Liechtenstein

parents : Escape's Never Ending

           Amarie Silvi-Cola*PL

tested for genotype N/N for HCM and PKD
with negative results :-))!!!


Innuendo Silvi-Cola*PL

8 months old

parents : Escape's Never Ending

           Amarie Silvi-Cola*PL

tested for genotype N/N for HCM and PKD
with negative results , too :-))!!!


09.03.2006 new photos of Galadriela Silvi-Cola*PL at 1 year old

Thanks Wally for photo :-))

04.03.2006 many successes on show in Opole , photos of kittens at 8 weeks old




15.02.2006 - a new photos of Galadriela Silvi-Cola*PL at 11 months old.

Thanks Wally for photos :-))



Kenzo Big Giants


BEST of the BEST Maine Coon

on Special Maine Coon Show

4.02.2006 in Wienn - Schwechat



Best in Variety

Best in show kitten 6-10 months , 

  Best of the Best Kitten 3- 10 months

Best of the Best nr.2 cattegory II

4 -5.02.2006 in Wienn - Schwechat

Fife -judge Charles Spijker and winner - Kenzo

http://www.kkoe.net/en/navigation/events/maine_coon_special.htm ( click)

Merry Christmas and happy New Year :-)))

04.12.2005 new photos of K litter at 16 days old

show news :


Hurdy Silvi-Cola*PL

Best Opposite Sex

in Madrid - Spain


Thanks Juan and Cris for showing her :-))



Iriador Silvi-Cola*PL

Best in Variety total


Nominated to BIS


16.11.2005 new photos of J-litter, updated :PLANS , MALES , FEMALES

new photos of our females and males


Gaige's family : Never, Gaige and their two kittens :

06.11.2005 a new photos of J litter , we told bye bye kittens of I litter

              result show of Electric Light Silvi-Cola*PL :

Best in Show

in Gomel  ( Belarus ) 

Thanks Olena for showing him :-))


17.10.2005 - good show news :

        Iriador Silvi-Cola*PL got EX 1, Best in Variety and Nomination to Best in Show

         Imagine Silvi-Cola*PL   Nomination to Best in Show

         on show in Ostrava ( Czech Republic) 15-16.10.2005


15.10.2005 new photos of Kenzo and I litter

13.10.2005 Kenzo got Best in Variety and Nomination to Best in Show in Dresden 8-9.10.2005

Hermione become Grand Inter Champion and was Best in Variety and Nomination to Best in Show 8-9.10.2005

01.10.2005 our new male arrived !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

updated :news, kittens, males, plans , links

new photos of Amarie's kittens at 11 weeks old,

a new page of our the youngest male Big Giants Kenzo

20.09.2005 - udated kitty, plans, links

               new photos of I litter

               first photos of S*Maa Coo's Question


     New photos of Galadriela Silvi-Cola*PL at 6 months old

     Thanks Wally for photos :


19.09.2005 Electric Light Silvi-Cola*PL on show in Moscow :


    Many thanks Olena for showing him


 30.08.2005 -  new photos kittens I- litter at 6 weeks old,

                   born kittens Gaige and Never

 15.08.2005 - photos of our new baby 3,5 months old Donatella Versace

               new photos of ours girls,

               new photos kittens I- litter

  05.08.2005 - change "males" ,

                 put site of our a new male


03.08.2005 - new photos of Galadriela Silvi-Cola *PL at 4 months old.

                Many thanks Wally for this photos :-))))

Last weekend I spent at my friend - Wally  in Austria ( it was very pleasant and nice time) .Thank you Wally and Kurt :-))

 of course I was on show in Obertwart , too.:-)))

Hermione got CAGCIB and NOM to BIS




            new photos of Fiona Silvi-Cola*PL at 4 months old,

            thanks Thierry for this lovely photos :-))))))

Never become Inter Champion :-) in Czech Republic.

On photo : Never on last show in Łódź : CAGCIB , NOM TO BIS

18.05.2005 - new photos of our male Eros (6 months old) from his last show

12.05.2005 - new photos of G litter at 6 weeks old

Electric Light Silvi-Cola*PL

Ex I, Nom BIS,  Best LHS Junior

Show in Minsk

Congratulation !!!

Thanks Olena for showing him :-))


  21.03.2005 - excellent results our cats on show in Opole :

         Our big boy ( 9 kg at 15 months old ) Fin*Escape's Never  Ending become CHAMPION and got BEST IN VARIETY AND NOM BIS

         Our new male Eros Ramazotti Big Giants got EX1, Best in Variety and Nom Bis

          Gaige From Indianearth got EX2 ( between 9 girls)

              We are very happy of these results :-)))

  17.03.2005 new photos of kittens at 5 weeks old

     New photos of my a new male Eros Ramazotti at 4 months old

  02.03.2005   we expect babys from mating :

  01.03.2005 - new photos of kitten at 3 weeks old

                 new page our Gaige

 new photos of our a new male _ Eros

  17.02.2005 new photos of Dark July Silvi-Cola*Pl at 6 months old

              new photos of kittens at 11 days old



13.02.2005 - Cirdian Silvi-Cola *Pl got Best in Variety i Nom to BIS. Congratulations !!!


12.02.2005 new photos Exotic Silvi-Cola*Pl at 3 months old

 12.02.2005 first photos of kittens at 4 days old

Candyman Silvi-Cola*PL got Best in Show on show in Germany !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulation Jana !!!!!!!!! Thanks for showing him  !!!!



   23.01.2005 our male Never Ending at 14 months old

we expect his first babys :-))))

   12.01.2005-  we expect first babies of Never  :-)))

   09.01.2005  Chickabee Silvi-Cola*Pl on show in Ostrava in Czech Republic got CAC, BIV , Nom BIS



Cirdian Silvi-Cola*PL Best of the Best

on show in Liege in Belgium


Thanks Mrs. Navez for show him :-))



  28.11.2004 - new photos of Candyman Silvi-Cola*PL at 10 months old

                             Thanks Jana for this photos :-)))


12.10.2004- Hermione's daughter - Atalante Silvi-Cola*PL who lives in Island got

                         Best Opposite Sex on Show in Reykjavik.

Congratulations !!!!!!! Thanks Sightore and Jhonny for show her !!!!!

 Photos Hermione's daughter. Atalante looks as her mother.

You can see it on photo :



09.09.2004  We had a great weekend on show in Wrocław!!

4.09.2004 - our Never got EX1, BIV and Nom to Bis ( among 6 cats)

 5.09.2004 -he got his fourth titel BEST OF THE BEST young & BIV in a hard competition.

He is sweet boy in XXL size - 8,3 kg at 9,5 months old.

22.07.2004- soon a new gallery 2 with special photos :-) as this photo


14.07.2004new photo our Arquette ( 1,5 year) and Chickabee Silvi-Cola*PL( 6 mth)

13.07.2004 -happy birthday Never !!!!!! Never finish 8 months old in XXL size with weight 7 kg !!! Congratulations Never !!!!

18.06.2004 - new photos Candyman Silvi-Cola*PL ( 5 months).


10.04.2004 - Candyman Silvi-Cola*PL

at 15 weeks

Candyman Silvi-Cola*PL

Thanks  Jana for  photos :-))

Candyman lives in Sweetland Cattery in Germany


07.06.2004 - GREAT WEEKEND !!!!!!!!!

 Our male FIN*Escape's Never Ending ( 6,5 months) on last big show ( 350 cats ,90 MCO's)

BIV & BEST IN SHOW - 6-10 MONTHS- KRAKÓW - 05.06.2004

BIV & BEST IN SHOW - 6-10 MONTHS- KRAKÓW -  06.06.2004