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Zac-ha-ree Silvi-Cola*PL

gb. 27.05.2007

tested for FIV, FELV, HCM, HD

( with super results)

HCM/DNA  - NN  -negative

colour :    red tabby    d22

MOTHER : Amunda Dream Ola    d22

FATHER :  Fin*Escape's Never Ending     d22


          pedigree                            photos

       Perfect son of our Never. He is extremous in type:  he has a  large super long square muzzle and  strongly built chin as his mother !!!!!!!!. This chin is incredible and gives him wild looking.

 His very big ears are well-placed with big tips,too. He is of a very strong built: a very long in body with a very high legs ,a very long tail.His intensive orange colour is very beautiful

His weights 11 kg at 2,5 years old.

His character is great : very talktive , very charming , friendly , loves every cats and dogs.



Class 12 ( 3-6 months old kittens )

22.09.2007 Wels Austria L.Burani  EX2

     23.09.2007 Wels Austria -R.A. Saetre  EX2

  06.10.2007  A.Platz  - Warszawa  EX 3

07.10.2007  N.Pahl - Warszawa EX 2

       13.10.2007  Ostrava  -  L.Comorio  EX1 , BIV total , Nom BIS ,

Best in Show kitten  3-6 moths old !!!

14.10.2007  Ostrava  -  T.Boyko  EX1 ,  Nom BIS ,

Best in Show kitten  3-6 moths old !!!